Watershed Expeditions at Home, Summer 2020

By: Laura Waldo-Semken

Week One: Exploring Your Watershed

Activities at home: Boat Building, Scavenger Hunt, and Map Making

Campers were encouraged to map a water droplet in their watershed by using an online mapping tool.

Then explore the movement of water in their watershed by building a boat from just 2 pieces of foil.

During the scavenger hunt campers were encouraged to notice life in their watershed, like trees and birds. Campers became more aware of the idea that water supports life.

What does water support in your watershed that makes sounds? Campers were encouraged to make a “sound” map of their watershed.

Highlights during our virtual camp session: 

Campers got to know each other by sharing an object that symbolizes a hobby or an interest. Some of the most memorable objects included a matchbox car, an aquarium, and a compound bow. Then we shared adventures from exploring the activities. Afterwards we played team building games. Encouraging group thinking like solving one-minute mysteries together is a great team builder. Try this one: A man left on Friday and returned on Friday but was only gone 3 days. How is this possible?

Boat building, boat floating!
Ready to go on a scavenger hunt. 
Found leaves for the leaf rubbings!