Virtual Missouri River Tour & Panel Discussion

Under current circumstances, many assisted living facilities have set restrictions to lower the risk of exposure to COVID-19. An unfortunate consequence of these restrictions has been its impact on the social lives of residents. For the past several months, residents have been grappling with the negative impact of isolation. Missouri River Relief understands the importance of mental stimulation and social interactions, that is why we would like to provide the opportunity for local assisted care and living facilities to participate in a virtual Missouri River tour and panel discussion.

This virtual tour offers a front row seat to the natural wonders along the Missouri River, where every moment brings a new experience. It incorporates spectacular views of limestone bluffs, eagles' nests, and enduring artwork, as well as insider’s knowledge about the river.

After the virtual screening residents will have the opportunity to share stories and ask questions for our guest speakers. The panel will be hosted by speakers from Missouri River Relief (MRR), Missouri River Bird Observatory (MRBO), and Show-Me Stormwater Management.


This program is specifically tailored for the residents of assisted living facilities. The program is meant to provide residents with the opportunity to learn about the river and invoke memories that stimulate the brain and contribute to residents' overall mental wellbeing.

Discussion Panel

The Guest Panel will be hosted by speakers from Missouri River Relief (MRR), Missouri River Bird Observatory (MRBO), and Show-Me Stormwater Management. The panel will appear in a virtual webinar format and field any related questions or stories raised by the virtual tour.

Program Format

Two formats are available to choose from depending on the technological capabilities and operational restrictions of each assisted living facility as a way to accommodate differences between locations. Fun supplemental activities and quizzes will be provided following the screening segment in order to encourage audience members to recall and reflect on their own experiences with the Missouri River.

Option 1: Group Screening and Panel Discussion

Residents will gather for a virtual 50 Min (28 min screening + 22 min panel discussion and start of a fun pop quiz) program that will be hosted via Zoom video chat.

Option 2: Individual Screenings and Panel Discussion

Residents will be provided with a way of viewing the 28 min documentary in preparation for the discussion panel. Supplementary materials will also be provided ahead of time to assisted living facility staff.

If you are interested in learning more about or booking this program, please reach out to us by completing the form below.

Missouri River Tour & Panel Discussion Registration

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