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Reduce plastic bag waste AND support River Relief at Lucky's Market!


 Bring your own shopping bags (BYOB)

and turn them into cash for River Relief!


Through November 9 at

Lucky's Market

Our friends Alyce and Lisa paddled the Missouri and Mississippi River in the summer of 2016 as part of their Source of Confidence expedition.

They saw a LOT of plastic shopping bags along the way, and they decided one thing they could do is FILL all those stupid bags with other river trash they found and dispose of it properly! 

River Trash

But here's a better idea...NEVER TAKE THOSE BAGS IN THE FIRST PLACE! 

Thanks to the awesomeness of one local grocery store, Lucky's Market in Columbia, MO, has invited Missouri River Relief to be part of their "Bags for Change" program again from now until November 9!

All you have to do is go shopping at Lucky's and  BYOB - bring your own reusable shopping bags. (You won't find any blowing around the Lucky's parking lot...they don't use plastic at all!)

For each bag you use, they'll give you a wooden dime. Drop the dime in the Missouri River Relief box on your way out the door and they will turn into REAL DIMES in 2019!  By November, our organization will receive a nice check that will allow us to take more students out on the river next year.

We'll also be hanging out with a booth at Lucky's several times during that time. Find out when on our facebook page and we'll have some reusable bags to hand out. 

By the way, here's a photo of our latest paddle hero, Mark Fingerhut, who paddled and blogged his way down the entire river this year, while raising money and educating people about Missouri River Relief along his amazing river adventure. Congrats on finishing the longest river in North America Mark! SYOTR!

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