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Jensen Race Canoe Auction to Benefit MRR

Following this year's Missouri River 340 race, our dedicated sponsor Missouri American Water donated two tandem Jensen race canoes to River Relief.

The first of these is being auctioned on the Rivermiles forum. To take part, you will need to create an identity on the forum, then bid away! Here's the link to the auction thread»

To Benefit Missouri River Relief
Donated by Missouri American Water

Boat Specs:
Year:  2010
Model:  Jensen V1-A Mixer
Length:  18’6”
Weight:  29 lbs
USCA Marathon Kevlar,® Ultra-light Core  
New:  $2799 + tax!

The Story:
Missouri American Water purchased this sleek racing Jensen Canoe for the 2010 MR340 race, dubbing it “Dig Deep I”.  Team Owens & Treece #3070 finished their 340 mile journey in 63 hours and 48 minutes in it!  After the race, the canoe was donated to Missouri River Relief to do with as we wished.  Well, we’re not really racers, more like floaters…  Wink and these are highly-specialized crafts that are only suitable for experienced paddlers.  

So we’ve decided to auction this boat off to the most interested audience we can imagine: the Missouri River 340 Race Forum! Click here to access the auction thread»

Missouri River Relief is a non-profit organization that brings people together on the Missouri River through hands-on river clean-ups, education and restoration activities.  So all proceeds will go to help us with our mission!

A Few Notes: This canoe was used only once for the sole purpose of completing the 2010 MR340 race, so it has your normal wear & tear scuffs, mostly on the tips of the boat where it was pulled in & out.  It has a hard-foam insert in the bow for navigation lights and some light scratches on the bottom that appear easily fixable.  The canoe currently lives in Columbia, MO and there is a manufacturer’s statement of origin with it.  No paddles were included, but we may have to sweeten the deal with more accessories if that’s what it comes down to Wink.

View More Photos of this canoe here![email protected]/sets/72157624716859597/with/4942272550/

Starting Bid: $999
Folks may reply to the auction thread with their bids and must bid at least $1.00 over the
previous bid.  

Auction ends at midnight Jan. 1st when registration opens or to the first person willing to buy it now!

Buy It Now option: $2,500, just reply to the auction thread with your request and contact info.!

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