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River Relief

River Updates

Jensen Race Canoe Auction to Benefit MRR

Following this year's Missouri River 340 race, our dedicated sponsor Missouri American Water donated two tandem Jensen race canoes to River Relief.

The first of these is being auctioned on the Rivermiles forum. To take part, you will need to create an identity on the forum, then bid away! Here's the link to the auction thread»

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Big Muddy Forum - Oct. 6

"Beyond Catfish: the Diversity of Missouri River Fish"

5:00 - 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 6 at Power Valley Conservation Nature Center, Kirkwood, MO

Presentation by Andy Starostka, USFWS Biologist, at 6:30 p.m.
Hosted by Friends of Big Muddy and MDC

We all know about catfish and sturgeon, but can you name any other Missouri River fish? Few people know the denizens of the Big Muddy deep as well as the biologists at the USFWS Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office. Biologist Andy Starostka has been studying Missouri River fish for years, and this time he'll give a window into the many fish species that never make the headlines. From minnows to paddlefish, it's a dizzying diversity - and he'll even bring some live specimens for you to see!

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Schnucks Shoppers!

Pick up an eScrip Community Card at Schnucks today!

eScrip Card2





Schnucks will contribute up to 3% of your purchases to Missouri River Relief everytime you shop and swipe your card.

Signing up is simple!  Click here for more info.


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Big Muddy Races Rescheduled

This has been an unprecedented year for paddling races on the Lower Missouri River with events from Yankton, SD all the way to the Confluence with the Mississippi. Unfortunately, several of these have been rescheduled due to high water.

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Staying Afloat

Missouri River Relief is supported by a mix of generous donations from individuals, businesses and government agencies.

A couple weeks ago we sent out a request for donations to all of our hard-working volunteer friends. The response was overwhelming! We've already received over $2,600 in donations from throughout the Missouri River basin. Thank you!

You can always donate to Missouri River Relief by clicking the "Donate" button on the left.

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