From: Laura Waldo-Semken, outgoing AmeriCorps VISTA

Your task is to work to eliminate poverty.

Your mission is to strengthen organizations that eliminate or alleviate poverty through mobilization of community volunteers and resources. You will get to establish systems and develop community relationships to better generate resources, encourage volunteer service at the local level and empower individuals and communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

Your vision will be unique. My favorite saying is that if you think you are too small to make a difference, then you have never slept with a mosquito.

I hope your year is just as rewarding as mine. I got to strengthen and transform my “I got this!” attitude into a stronger “We can do this together!” tornado of earth energy. Thank you, John Brady!

I Got This!  “Helping” my family portage in the boundary waters.
We Can Do This Together! My first group haul during the Jefferson City clean-up on the Missouri River.

What a year! First, I have to gush over how much I appreciate being welcomed into the Missouri River Relief family. This group is generous, kind, and always helpful . Know that you are supported! They are exemplary examples of the universal value of being kind to others, valuing purpose and always being helpful in the goal of building community.