Missouri River Explorers

How to Become a Missouri River Explorer

The Missouri River Explorer Badge is a merit badge earned by intrepid explorers of all ages with a focus on ages 5 to 18 years. The Missouri River Explorer badge is gained upon the completion of the Missouri River Explorer Activity Card, which includes participation in activities and events that fall under the three tenets of the river. Explore, Learn and Protect.

Explore, Learn, Protect

Missouri River Explorers are expected to Explore the natural world around them in order to form a connection with the great outdoors.

They should take the opportunity to Learn about how the Missouri River interacts with their lives and the challenges it faces.

Finally, they are encouraged to Protect their watershed for the use and enjoyment of their community.

Missouri River Explore Badge Requirements

Part One – Explore the Missouri River

The candidate shall complete at least two of these four activities or similar activities:

  • Find life along the Missouri River, take a hike and take a photograph of something living.
  • Get inspired by the Missouri River and create a piece of artwork.
  • Watch the sunset over the Missouri River and write a brief story or poem about your experience.
  • Attend a Missouri River Relief program (i.e., presentation, boat ride, education program). Please note that there might be a fee for our summer camp programs.

Part Two – Learn About the Missouri River

The candidate shall complete at least two of the five activities or similar activities.

  • Read a book about the environment and explain how it relates to the Missouri River.
  • Choose something living to investigate related to the Missouri River. Draw a picture and describe what it eats, where it lives and how it relies on the Missouri River.
  • Research a riverboat, artifact or historical person on the Missouri River. Make a poster of your boat, artifact, or person and describe its importance in our history.
  • Watch the “Exploring the Missouri River: A Virtual Field Trip” and write three questions that you thought of while viewing the film.

Part Three – Protect the Missouri River

The candidate must complete at least two service projects. These may include:

  • Attending a Missouri River Relief Cleanup hosted by Missouri River Relief or a registered Missouri Stream Team. Please note registration is required before the Cleanup on our website.
  • Conduct a neighborhood cleanup or visit a Missouri River boat ramp to pick up litter.
  • Create a haven for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. Plant a native plant, provide a water source, create shelter from harsh weather/predators or a place to raise young.

How Do I Fill Out the Activity Card?

The Missouri River Explorer Activity Card provides prospective Badge holders with a menu of activities to select from in order to fulfill the three tenet requirements. Two activities must be completed and verified by a Missouri River Relief staff or crew member for each tenet. This Activity Card must be kept with the participant as a record until all activity requirements are met.  


How Do I Verify an Activity?

Activities can be verified by any Missouri River Relief staff or crew member during cleanup events.

Alternatively, a submission form has been provided to the right in order to allow participants to pursue and verify their activities outside of these cleanup events.

Potential Missouri River Explorers may submit the results of their activity through this submission form, where it will be recorded and verified by a member of staff.

Activity Verification Form

Missouri River Badge Explorer Activity Verification Form

What Will I Receive After Completing the Activity Card?

During the initial completion of the Activity Card, you will make the Missouri River Explorer pledge in order to receive the large Missouri River Explorer badge and become a Missouri River Explorer cardholder. Subsequent completions of the Activity Card earns Explorers additional River badges.

Participants may either submit their Activity Card in-person at a Missouri River Relief cleanup event or submit a photo of the Activity Card through the online submission form to the right. Should participants need to mail the Activity Card, the office address and contact information can be found below.

Can I Complete the Program More Than Once? 

Once you complete your first activity card you earn your first patch, you can start over with a new activity card and do it again, earning a blue river patch with each completed card. 

Activity Card Submission Form

Missouri River Explorer Badge Card Submission Form

Missouri River Explorer Pledge

"I, as a Missouri River Explorer, promise to continue exploring and learning about the plants, animals and history of this special place.


I will share what I learned with my friends and family so that they, too, can enjoy the Missouri River.


And I will continue to protect the Missouri River for the benefit of my community and future generations."

Activity Resources

These resources can help participants for fill their badge requirements: 

Ready for Action?

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