Common Trees of the Missouri River Bottom

This guide was created by Missouri River Relief and was designed to be used by elementary and high school students. The goal of this guide is to provide an engaging, hands-on experience for students beginning to learn about Missouri River floodplain trees. It is not designed as a foolproof taxonomic tree ID guide.

To download directly visit: MOSpace Institutional Repository. 

While the trees included in this guide can be found in many Missouri River floodplain forests, the list is not exhaustive for all locations. Many Missouri River floodplain trees can be very tall with leaves out of reach; as such, we formatted this guide to focus on bark providing the most direct identifier for the student. Tree bark is at the student level! Because many guides focus on leaves and stems to identify trees, we understand that this is a unique approach to learning tree species.

Big thank you to Kevin Tosie, Student – University of Missouri, Columbia; Leif Nordstrom, Student – University of Missouri, Columbia; and Ann Koenig, Urban Forester – Missouri Department of Conservation; and Felicity Dykas, Head of Digital Service Department- the University of Missouri who made this guide possible.

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