River Cleanups

What we do and why we do it

Missouri River Relief cleanups bring together hundreds of volunteers to work together to remove tons of trash from the banks, forests and floodplains of the Missouri River. These efforts build community, give people a deeper relationship to the river and leave our world a better place.

The Missouri River is the most important freshwater resource in our region with nearly half of Missourians depending on this resource for drinking water. It’s also the home to countless fish, birds, and other wildlife. Our volunteers work HARD to keep this water and river valley safe for all.

  • Cooper's Landing Missouri River Cleanup

    99 volunteers helped remove 5.5 tons of trash and 56 tires over 3 days

  • St. Charles Missouri River Cleanup 2020

    53 volunteers removed 5.4 tons of trash and 58 tires over 3 days

  • Jefferson City Missouri River Cleanup 2019

    200 volunteers removed 4.9 tons of trash and 176 large chunks of Styrofoam

Missouri River Relief's equipment and volunteer-based cleanups provide safe ways to engage people's natural curiosity to explore the river. We strive to intertwine stewardship and education to build a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Missouri River, instilling a sense of responsibility for this vital resource.

203 Missouri River Cleanups

from Oct. 2001-Nov. 2021

Away Teams
River Miles
Tons of Trash

Trash Tally from our latest cleanup

171 Bags Trash!! Plus…

56 tires
1 refrigerator
2 chest freezers, one with rotten meat
1 message in a bottle from Rocheport, MO
2 propane tanks
5 plastic tubs
5 coolers
8 large chunks of styrofoam
3 5-gallon plastic buckets
2 55-gallon metal drums
1 55-gallon plastic barrel
Pool frame & ladder
2 trash cans
¾ of a bowling ball
Bed frame
BBQ grill
2 bird scooters
5 lawn chairs
Duck decoy
200-gallon steel fuel tank
Industrial concrete sprayer
Long metal cable
1 chemical sprayer
1 styrofoam pontoon floatation device

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