River Cleanups

What we do and why we do it

Missouri River Relief cleanups bring together hundreds of volunteers to work together to remove tons of trash from the banks, forests and floodplains of the Missouri River. These efforts build community, give people a deeper relationship to the river and leave our world a better place.

The Missouri River is the most important freshwater resource in our region with nearly half of Missourians depending on this resource for drinking water. It’s also the home to countless fish, birds, and other wildlife. Our volunteers work HARD to keep this water and river valley safe for all.

  • 2022 Sugar Creek Missouri River Cleanup

    186 volunteers helped remove 5.1 tons of trash, where 1.6 tons were removed by 28 volunteers from Spire Serves!

  • 2022 Great Rivers Cleanup at the Confluence

    179 volunteers removed 4.81 tons of trash, including 45 tires and a boat! KMOV 4 News joined us for their live segment.

  • 2022 Jefferson City Missouri River Cleanup

    229 volunteers removed 3.8 tons of trash including 33 tires and 1.4 tons of scrap metal! The city's mayor showed her support by joining us at our sunset excursion.

Missouri River Relief's equipment and volunteer-based cleanups provide safe ways to engage people's natural curiosity to explore the river. We strive to intertwine stewardship and education to build a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Missouri River, instilling a sense of responsibility for this vital resource.

224 Missouri River Cleanups

from Oct. 2001-Dec. 2023

Away Teams
River Miles
Tons of Trash

Trash Tally from our latest cleanup

247 Bags of Trash!!! Plus...
36 tires without rims
7 tires on rim
1 tractor trailer tire
1 inner tube
1 large Styrofoam chunk 6’x4’
8 20-gallon plastic tubs
3 50-gallon plastic barrels
16 5-gallon plastic buckets
1 5-gallon metal bucket
1 metal 5-gallon bucket
1 1-gallon gasoline container
1 plastic yard chair
1 watering can
1 metal ammunitions bucket
1 plastic feeder bucket
1 12’ John boat (travel worthy)
1 basketball with large hole for dried weed arrangement
1 toilet seat (cover attached)
1 braided plastic sleeping mat for homeless sleep
1 folding metal bed frame
1 grocery cart
1 milk crate
1 really fat pool noodle
foam padding
foam packing strips
1 smart phone
1 speaker
1 refrigerator compressor
1 Windows PC (mud-covered but intact)
metal dishwasher casing
5 pieces rebar
rusted wire
1 detour sign
3 orange highway cones
1 shovel
100ft. 3/8“ air hose tubing
1 5’ metal ladder
1 pitchfork with no handle
1 hard hat
1 3x5’ fiberglass sheet
3 rusted metal sheets
1 roadside saw horse support
3 yards 5” diameter braided rope
4 coolers (one on wheels)
1 bike seat
1 child’s rideable fire truck
1 pink trike
1 bicycle hand grip
1 truck running board (stainless steel)
1 rusted boat propeller
1 iron utility valve handle
1 antique flat iron
1 fishing net
balls too numerous to mention (softballs, basketballs, footballs, etc.)
rusted metal pipes
13 assorted shoes
1 baby car seat
1 baby swimming pool
1 baby walker
1 child’s makeup table
1 baby doll (head and chest only)
1 jack-o-lantern with its own tooth brush and flossing device
1 child’s lime green plastic shovel
4 toy wheels from a mobile toy
1 horse skull
1 opossum skull
1 bobcat skull
1 deer antler
1 rubber ducky bathtub toy with owl face
1 dog kennel with turkey head bobbing in the door
½ bottle Grand Marnier orange liqueur
1 Kauffman Stadium ballcap

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