McBaine Bur Oak Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who donated to support this fundraiser! We are so grateful to you and Kelly Veach for making it happen. 

A cool opportunity to have a piece of Boone County heritage in your yard! 

Thanks to a donation from a local business, we have approximately 20 seedlings grown from acorns collected from the McBaine Bottoms Bur Oak tree, the state champion bur oak. This is the only tree in Boone County that is also a Boone County Historical Site! Located on the five-generation Williamson farm in the McBaine Bottoms near Huntsdale, this survivor is estimated at between 350-400 years old. That's some good genetic stock. 

These seedlings were grown under lights over the winter and are ready to go into the ground at your home! They get HUGE so make sure you've got the room for it and don't plant close to any buildings or foundations. 

We are grateful to John Sam Williamson for giving us permission to harvest acorns last fall! 

How does this work? 

  • First of all - do you live close enough to Columbia, MO, to guarantee that you can pick up your seedling in person before April 12 (date extended)?
  • If so, make a $100 donation to Missouri River Relief on this online form. (Limit two seedlings per individual)
  • You will receive an email with information on how to pick up your tree. 
  • Plant your tree in an appropriate location. Here's some tips! 
  • Limited to 2 seedlings per person. 

Disclaimer - while these seedlings have been carefully tended to over the winter, we cannot guarantee survival of the trees. You get one chance to make it work! 

Click here to make a donation to secure your seedling order! 

Bur Oak acorns
Bur Oak Seedlings
Brian Mahieu Bur Oak Plein Air

Planting Tips and More Info

Ready for Action?

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