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Make Your Impact on the Next Generation of River Stewards! 

AmeriCorps Education Assistant at Missouri River Relief will assist in the organization, implementation and marketing of education programs targeting title one schools and community organizations that work with low-income individuals.

The position's goal is to provide instruction that builds participants’ knowledge and understanding of the Missouri River through hands-on experiences that will deepen the participant’s connection and sense of responsibility to its care and stewardship.

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  • Status: One Year Term/AmeriCorps VISTA/Full-Time
  • Start Date: August 30, 2021
  • End Date: August 29, 2022
  • Location: Columbia, Missouri
  • Application Deadline: July 1, 2021

How to Apply to an AmeriCorps Position

  1. Search AmeriCorps listing. Go to
  2. Search by the following. Program Type: AmeriCorps. State: Missouri. Program Name:  Stream Teams United: MRR Education Coordinator
  3. Click "Apply Now" and create a profile to submit your application
  4. Interview. If you are selected for an interview you will be contacted by the end of July.

Benefits of Service

Living Allowance

  • Receive a modest bi-weekly (full 14 days of service) living allowance ($513.94) to cover basic expenses.
  • The amount listed may differ from what members see in their paychecks because a) the rates listed here are gross/pre-tax amounts; and b) actual pay may vary to reflect the number of days served in a pay period.

End Of Service Award

  • Choose between a Segal Education Award (valued at approximately $6,000) to pay for a range of education expenses or a $1,800 cash stipend.
  • During service, you may defer student loans until end of service year. Interest accrued during service will be paid by the National Service Trust upon completion of service.

Professional Development Training

  • Attend in-person and virtual training where you learn how to be a community development change agent

Join A Community

  • Join a AmeriCorps umbrella and meet other like-minded individuals living and working in your community.


  • You are entitled to personal leave, medical leave, and leave for certain holidays (those recognized by your sponsor.) Family leave and emergency leave are also available in certain situations. Military service and jury duty can also necessitate a leave of absence, both of which are covered.

Non-Competitive Eligibility (Nce)

  • Americorps VISTA is the only AmeriCorps program where you can earn federal non-competitive eligibility, giving you an edge in the federal hiring process. NCE status last for 12 months following service.

Other Benefits 

  • Other benefits may include a relocation allowance for moving for service, childcare assistance, mileage reimbursement for service-related travel and health care options.

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Words of Wisdom to The Next Education Assistant

Each year we ask our Education Assistant to reflect on their experience and share a few words of wisdom to the next education assistant. If you are wanting a feel for the position and an idea of what you might walk away with from the experience, our former education assistant blogs offer all of that. Please note that in the past this position has been a 3-month summer position, whereas the AmeriCorps position is one full year of service.


Service Description

AmeriCorps: Education Assistant Position Purpose: 

Missouri River Relief is a non-profit dedicated to connecting people to the Missouri River from Omaha, Nebraska to St. Louis, Missouri. We do this through three avenues: Missouri River clean-ups, education programs, and outreach events. This position will work directly with the Missouri River Education Programs, engaging the participant’s innate sense of wonder and natural curiosity to explore the Missouri River through a place-based program that is interdisciplinary in nature and experiential in character.

This position will assist in the organization, implementation, and marketing of education programs targeting title one schools and community organizations that work with low-income individuals. The position's goal is to provide instruction that builds participants’ knowledge and understanding of the Missouri River through hands-on experiences that will deepen the participant’s connection and sense of responsibility to its care and stewardship.

AmeriCorps: Education Assistant Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be 18 years or older (no upper age limit)
  • Pass a national service criminal history check
  • Hold a valid driver’s license and proof of mandated state automobile insurance
  • Hold one of the following citizenship or legal residency statuses: US citizen, US National, Lawful Permanent Resident (i.e. Green Card status), and persons legally residing within a state. Examples of persons legally residing within a state may include those holding the following classifications: refugee, asylee, temporary protected status throughout service, and holding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status.
AmeriCorps: Education Assistant Position Responsibilities: 

45% Education Program Instruction & Delivery: provide culturally relevant lessons.
  • Differentiate and tailor programs that honor the backgrounds and needs of each group, incorporating partner’s requests within our education philosophy, logistics, and interests.
  • Use a student-centered approach and facilitate discussion with diverse participant groups.
  • Actively participate in efforts to assess and evaluate learning and program outcomes.
  • Cultivate an inclusive learning experience using sensitivity to bring cultural relevance to program content and community relationships.
  • Work directly with teachers to manage students and expectations.
  • Enhance the program or activities via student and teacher feedback.
  • Participate in post-program reflections with the Education Director.
  • Make recommendations regarding the education program.
  • Develop resources and tools for training education volunteers in program instruction.
  • Manage participant’s physical, social, and emotional safety in different settings.
  • Consults with experts on the accuracy of information provided at education programs.

25% Equity, Inclusion, and Cultural Relevance: build the core values of diversity into programs.

  • Develop diversity and inclusion practices and policies that are implemented in our education programs and workplace.
  • Revise and update all communication on our website, social media pages, job descriptions, and internal documents to ensure we using an inclusive language.
  • Navigate the legal obstacles of implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Measure programs and policies to ensure accountability.

25%  Education Program Partnerships: create relationships with non-profits that support low- income families.

  • Develop and maintain partnerships that support our education programs.
  • Attend meetings and events with partners to build new and old relationships.
  • Carry out partner evaluation surveys and reviews.
  • Pass partnership leads to other team members and follows up on progress.

5% “One MRR” Responsibilities: engage and collaborate across program areas when possible.

  • Contribute to an inclusive work community by using sensitivity to bring cultural relevance to the workplace and relationships with co-workers.
  • Cultivate a culture of risk management throughout all programs.
  • Proactively share the mission and program structure with external stakeholders.

Knowledge & Skills:

The Education Assistant must possess knowledge and skills which may result from formal education or experience in program instruction. To perform effectively in this position, the individual should demonstrate the following competencies.

  • Intentional Culture: Commitment to equity, inclusion, and cultural relevance within your teaching and community.
  • Variety of Instructional Strategies: Demonstrate the ability to use questions that encourage student exploration and discourse. Understands the role discussion plays in the learning process. Prompts students to reflect on activities to help them challenge their former ideas and evolve new ideas.
  • Understanding of Subject Matter: Demonstrate the ability to provide content that is developmentally appropriate for students. Knowledgeable about particular subject area or topics such as art instruction or nature journaling.

Working Conditions & Physical Requirements

The AmeriCorps VISTA must have the ability to:
  • Travel across the lower section of the Missouri River Valley; could include a variety of cities such as Columbia, MO, Kansas City, MO, New Haven, MO and St. Louis, MO.
  • Stand, walk, bend, stoop, and reach for extended periods.
  • Lift and carry up to 20 lbs. (i.e., load, unload and move supplies).
  • Work outdoors in all weather conditions (i.e., in temperatures over 100°F as well as rain and other inclement weather conditions as needed).

This job description is not meant to state or imply that these are the only duties performed by the AmeriCorps VISTA occupying this position. AmeriCorps will be required to follow any other job-related instructions and to perform other job-related duties requested by their supervisor in compliance with federal and state laws.

AmeriCorps is a Federal assistance provider. The mission of AmeriCorps is to strengthen organizations that alleviate poverty through volunteering and the mobilization of resources.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Kristen Schulte at 573.443.0292 or [email protected]

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