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Education Assistant Internship FAQ


“I’m excited to apply for the education assistant internship, but I’ve never been on the Missouri River before. Will this disqualify my application?”

Not in the slightest. While having prior river experience will help, we will make sure that you are best prepared for MRR ‘sets you afloat’. Throughout the internship, you will have several opportunities to both be on or near the Missouri River, and you’ll find that the more experience you have, the more comfortable you become. We recommend that you keep an open mind, and communicate with us if you have any concerns. But more than likely, you’ll find that being on the river can be fun, relaxing, and most importantly, educational!

“As the MRR Intern, what sort of work will I be doing?”

Your duties will vary greatly. Primarily, you will be assisting the Education Coordinator in the design, implementation, and follow-up of MRR education programs. This includes preparatory work, such as press releases, documenting medical information, and gathering supplies. You will also be asked to assist with several programs, including the Educator Workshop and Missouri River Academy. During these events, you will assist in any way possible, both large and small. This will include taking pictures, setting up tables for meals, helping distribute materials, or working as a deck-hand. After events, you will assist the Education Coordinator in the follow-up process, which will include analyzing and documenting evaluations, writing blog posts, cleaning materials, and more. On a day-to-day basis, your project list will consist of both short- and long-term projects. This could include cutting watercolor paper or editing a group of lesson plans. You will work with the Education Coordinator to determine which are to be given higher priority. 
“As a follow up to the previous question, will I be doing work that is outside the realm of MRR education?”

While your primary focus is assisting the Education Coordinator with the education programs, you will, on occasion, help other MRR staff. The MRR staff are a very close-knit group and take pride in helping one another. As such, you may be asked to complete a task that does not directly affect the education programs. For example, as you should know, MRR conducts a TON of Missouri River clean-ups, and there is a high likelihood that you will be involved in one of these events, in some capacity or another. Now, your duties might range, whether it’s setting up an volunteer orientation for a river clean up, or passing out life jackets to the volunteers. 
“What sort of travel will be required of me as the MRR intern?”

Outside of the office, there will be several occasions where you will be traveling around or outside the Columbia office. On a few occasions, you may be required to travel medium length distances, roughly 2-4 hours, for example, to St. Louis or Kansas City, Missouri. However, you will be either driving/riding in MRR vehicles, so you will not need to worry about personal transportation unless that option is available. It is recommended that you carpool with MRR staff or crew on these occasions, as that will offer you the opportunity to get to know everyone better.
“How will my hours be documented? Will I be able to take days off/vacations?”

You will document your own hours. The Education Coordinator will not be hovering over your shoulder to see that you record every second, but they will notice if your quality of work declines. As a result, be honest with yourself and to MRR. The Education Coordinator and other MRR staff are taking time to teach you, in addition to the work that you will be providing for them, so consider your position seriously. You will be allowed to take days off, but the Education Coordinator asks that you make those hours up before or after, in the equivalent of the work hours you would have missed. For example, if you take a Thursday and a Friday off, you will need to compensate for a collective 16 hours (8 hours per workday). Now, do not worry, as there will be events where you will be working either weekends or hours beyond the expected 8 per day. is created and maintained by Missouri River Relief, P.O. Box 463, Columbia, MO 65205
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