Yankton Missouri River Cleanup 2010

Riverside Park Boat Ramp - Yankton, S.D.
Saturday, May 8th, 2010

On May 8th, 2010 Missouri River Relief once again joined forces with our friends in the Missouri National Recreational River to clean-up the stretch of river below Gavin's Point Dam.  The event was hosted by the National Park Service, the Izaak Walton League and the City of Yankton.  It was the 7th annual clean-up on the MNRR. Since the beginning, hundreds of tons of junk, including dozens of car bodies, bags of fishermens' trash and the debris of decades of use and abuse have been removed forever.The annual event is an inspiration to communities up and down the river and we're proud to play our small part.

After a cold & windy night, 100 volunteers showed up on Saturday to collect over two and half tons of trash along roughly three miles of Missouri River shoreline!

Thank you to our awesome crew! Photo by Dylan.

The day before, Friday, May 7th, about 260 students from five schools in South Dakota and Nebraska participated in the Watershed School Festival as part of the effort.  That evening Missouri River Relief's Vicki Richmond gave a presentaion on "Trashology" at the YC Alumni Center at the Yankton Summit Center alongside Tim Cowman of the Missouri River Institute who presented on "Kayaking and Canoeing the Missouri River".

For more information on Keep Yankton Beautiful check out their website: www.keepyanktonbeautiful.org

Trash Tally:

198 Bags Trash!!
1 18’ fiberglass boat chopped into pieces by crew (“Glastro” made in Amarillo, Texas)
10 tires with rims
35 tires w/out rims
2 inner tubes
1 wagon wheel tire with partial axle
1 child’s car seat
10 large chunks of Styrofoam
3 coolers
1 water jug
1 carpet
1 lawn chair
1 folding chair
1 foam couch cushion
1 very muddy tarp
5 5-gallon plastic buckets
7 50-gallon plastic barrels (1 with bottom only)
2 1-gallon jugs
2 milk crates
2 plastic pallets 43”x48”
2 lengths PVC pipe
3 orange cones
1 petroleum pipeline “warning” marker
1 tractor seat with yellow cushion
1 microwave shell
1 refrigerator casing
1 plastic trash can
1 leather recliner
1 carpet
1 welcome mat
cardboard box side pieces
1 rusted trailer pin
1 boat bumper
1 boat anchor
1 pump sprayer
1 large plastic yard wagon
1 campfire grill
1 car grill
1 plastic fender
1 NDS grate
1 Grip ‘n Grab (no longer grips)
2 rebar lengths
1 10’ aluminum pipe
rusted metal sheets
approx. 80’ braided steel cable
dozens rusted railroad spikes
dozens rusted iron pieces
dozens rusted railroad base pieces
dozens rusted barge chain pieces
1 steel cable with clevis pin
1 machete
1 bluebird house on 7’ pole
1 blue plastic carousel horse
1 complete petrified turtle (head missing)
1 large piece driftwood root impregnated with rocks
1 3-gallon plastic pot holding 1 plastic pumpkin
1 squash gourd
3 basketballs (1 split open)
3 soccer balls (1 made of leather)
4 softballs
1 hardball
1 football
3 tennis balls
1 volleyball
assorted rubber balls of various size
1 black rubber boot
1 large rubber dice made in China
1 pink flip flop
1 black and white oxford child’s shoe
1 orange plastic key
1 pair blue shorts
1 Barbie doll with muddy dreadlocks
1 Barbie doll leg
1 baby doll leg
1 bottle “Slime Licker Toxic Waste” product
1 Skeletor
1 fat headed Batman
1 Batman car
1 Big Wheel tire
1 pink Barbie convertible
1 radio tube bulb
1 bird bone
1 animal skull
innumerable cans and bottles

2022 Confluence Cleanup
We find just about anything on the river! Photo by Steve Schnarr.

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