Stream Team Cleanup and Summit 2007

Sunday, May 6, 2007
Sioux Passage County Park, Florissant, MO

Another part of River Camp that we completed before the floodwaters came was a Stream Team Clean-up & Summit.

This unique event was designed to bring together Stream Team participants from the area for a day of hard work and fellowship. Smaller numbers of participants gave us opportunities to exchange savvy, stories and contact information, all while picking up trash.

Volunteers loaded into boats and headed just a couple miles upstream to a large dump located on the MegaScout project last fall. A cast iron tub proved no match for these stalwarts. A motorcycle, a cast iron tub and restaurant equipment were loaded like cordwood into our plate boat, Saskia, and returned to the ramp.

MDC fisheries biologist Danny Brown took out a crew of Stream Teamers from Parkway North High School for a “fishing” expedition, picking trash right out of the river from drift racks pushed aside by the rising water. After lunch, crews found an upside down abandoned boat up on the bank. The Stream Teamers put their collective knowledge to work, flipping the boat and pulling it out of the weeds using our plate boat.

As tired crews returned to camp, MRR crews served up a feast of chicken roasted on an open fire as stories of the day were recounted. An evening program hosted by author and MRR coordinator Jeff Barrow accompanied the riverside dinner. Stream Team members had the opportunity to present their activities to the group.

A perfect opportunity for networking among citizen river stewards, right on the banks of the river where we belong.

Trash Tally

  • 23 large Stream Team bags of trash
  • 8 tires
  • several steel posts
  • 1 TV stand
  • 27 steel rods
  • 1 air conditioner
  • 1 motorcycle (Illinois license 554 421, Dec. 1984)
  • 1 piece chrome trim
  • one large water softener unit and tank
  • 1/2 toilet tank
  • 16-foot bass boat
  • 1 metal roof truss
  • 1 Nimrod popup camper (w/little red light)
  • partial furnace
  • 5 fan blades
  • 1 lawnmower
  • 2 propane tanks
  • 4 BIG metal rods
  • 1 stainless steel restaurant deep fryer
  • 15 feet of hardware cloth
  • 12 sheets of metal
  • 1 torque converter for an automatic transmission
  • 1 cast iron tub
  • 2 bundles of wire
  • 10 circus tent pegs
  • 1 volleyball net and pole
  • 1 portapotty wall
  • 1 office chair pedestal
  • 1 TV antenna
  • 1 CB radio
  • 1 muck bucket
  • many, many balls of every kind!!!

Stream Team Cleanup Results

Total Volunteers: 50

  • Volunteers signed in: 35
  • River Relief Crew: 15
  • Boats: 5 MRR Boats | 1 MDC
  • River Miles Cleaned: 9.5 (MM7 - MM16.5 and "Car of Commerce Chute)
  • Landfill: 1.4 tons

Total Trash Tonnage: 1.4 tons!

Groups Participating: Stream Teams 516, 1573, 211, 1875, 1876, 1; Parkway North Stream Team, St. Louis AmeriCorps ERT

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