Mari-Osa Dump Cleanup 2009 (Part II)

Saturday, March 7, 2009
Between Jefferson City and Loose Creek, MO.

162 really hardcore volunteers showed up to continue working on the massive Mari-Osa dumpsite, as well as five other smaller dumps and tire piles. We removed 13.1 tons of junk from this beautiful stretch of the Osage River, including 212 tires!

We did this clean-up in two shifts: one in the morning, one in the afternoon. We had a lot of return volunteers and a bunch of new faces. The one constant our crew noticed was that every single volunteer was super-capable, super-hard-working and just plain super! Possibly our highest quality group of volunteers ever!

Our technological advance for the event was our Trash Flume, designed by Capt. John Breyfogle from a massive culvert that washed up on his Missouri  River beach downstream of Kansas City. Putting trash to work to remove trash! Gotta love it! Check out our blog for photos and details of this bizarre contraption.

Mini documentary about the cleanup and the trash flume that was invented to make efforts more efficient!

Once again, our crew was hosted by the Osage River Navy to a post-clean-up BBQ at Osage Campground and More. Three cheers to the Navy!!!

For more details, including stories, photos, trash lists and more, check out our blog page and Flickr photo site (links are on the right). We also have a one-page results pdf that can be downloaded as well.

Please check out our list of amazing sponsors and partners on the left. This stuff would be impossible without the help of many hands and dollars!

Looks like we'll be back next year, so come on out and help!

Trash Tally

106 large bags!
76 large bags of Scrap Metal
24  32-gallon trash cans of Broken Glass
210 Car & Truck Tires
2 large Tractor Tires
2 Tractor Inner Tubes
3 Refrigerators
9 Washing Machines
1 Dishwasher
2 Driers
3 Hot Water Heaters
1 Tricycle
1 mangled Bicycle
1Car Fender
6 large pieces of Styrofoam
20 ft. of Corrugated Pipe
42 ft. of misc. Pipe
1 Cooler
7  5-gallon plastic Buckets
6 metal Buckets
1 cast iron Pot
3 Stoves
1 Stove Front & Drawer
2 Stove Tops & Pieces
1 massive Brake Drum
1 metal Love Seat Swing
11 Box Springs
1 Head Board
4 Cow Panels
Several rolls of Barbed Wire
25 ft. of Cable Wire
8 Rolls of Fencing
7 Chairs
1 Lamp
1 Toilet
1 MO 98 Road Sign
2” Copper fitting (Steam)
1 Hog Waterer
3 metal Hub Cap’s
1 Fender from Antique Truck
½ of a Car front end Grill & Headlight
1 Alternator
1 Crank Shaft
1 Car Seat Springs
2 Tail Pipes
1 Drive Shaft
2 pieces of Carpet
8 pieces of roofing Sheet Metal
½ of a Pasture Gate
1 double Kitchen Sink
1 Counter Top
1 boat full of assorted Wire & Fencing
1 ancient Boat Motor
1 coil of Heavy Cable
1 Sewing Machine
1 Culvert
1 Tractor Gear Box
1 Air Filter for tractor
1 mini Ironing Board
1 Hide-a-Bed Frame
8 welded Wire Hog Panels
1 cast iron Furnace Grate
1 Brush Hog Deck
30 corrugated Metal Panels
1 push Lawnmower
1 antique French Fry Cutter
1 Snoopy Soap Dish
2 sections of a toy Train Track
1 headless Raccoon Statue
2 Teapots
2 Wash Tubs
1 toy metal Dump Truck
1 See Saw
1 Baseball Glove
1 shot-up Sign that reads:  “$50 Reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of any person or persons found willfully mutilating or destroying this sign.  The O.J. Gude Co. NY”
1 toy Cash Register
1 soggy book titled “Shaping History”
The letter “C”
1 decorative Perfume Bottle

Mari-Osa Cleanup Results

Photo album on Flickr!

Results Brochure

Missouri River Conservationist

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Total Volunteers: 162

  • Volunteers signed in: 133
  • River Relief Crew: 29
  • Boats: 8 (4 Missouri River Relief, 2 US Fish & Wildlife, 1 Missouri Dept. of Conservation and 1 Osage River Rats Stream Team)
  • River Miles Cleaned: 3
  • River Stage: 3.8-ft. @ St. Thomas gauge
  • Landfill: 3.3 tons
  • Scrap Metal: 6.5 tons
  • Tires: 212 - 3.3 tons

Total Trash Tonnage: 13.1 TONS

Fun Team Names: The Osage River Rats, the Sand Pipers, MANNRS-Lincoln University, the Hard Core Group,  Corona, the Scallywags, Team of G, the Mohawks, the Elite 8, the J-Byrds, the Cardinals, the Christenburgs, the Fylan Troup

Event Sponsors

Cleanup programs like these would not be possible without our generous donors and sponsors.
Department of Natural Resources

Pat Jones

Event Partners

Advantage Metals, Holt Summit

Allied Waste, Jefferson City

Alligator Cove Stream Team # 1876

Americorps Stream Team Assistants

Jeff, Mark & Maggie Finley

Missouri Dept. of Conservation

Missouri Stream Team

Missouri River Communities Network

Osage Campground & More (Bob Woodward)

Osage River Navy

Osage River Rats Stream Team #3784

Precision Water & Power Sports

Jim Salmon's Tire Salvage

US Fish & Wildlife Service (National Conservation Office, Columbia)

Equipment, Supply & Award Donations

Food Donations

Terry Durham - Eridu Farms

Rick Goodman - Rainbow Farms

Jeanie Kuntz

Hy-Vee, Columbia & Jefferson City

Su Saragenese

Subway, Jefferson City

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