2019 Missouri River Sunset Excursion

The Missouri River is majestic when experienced at sunset! That is why we have partnered with Columbia Parks and Recreation to offer a Missouri River Sunset Excursion on June 6th. Participants will step aboard our boat for appetizers and an interactive experience, where we’ll introduce you to the mysteries of the river. This is an experience the whole family is sure to enjoy.

How do I register?  

Registration opens up on March 4th, 2019 and is through the Columbia Parks & Recreation website. Unfortunately, it is not easy, so we recommend the following. Use the link, it will take you to a search form. Enter this number (314300) into the "Activity Number" field and then click search. This should pull up the Missouri River Sunset Excursion. 

What should I expect during the Sunset Excursion? 

Check out our River Notes Blog to hear what our a first-hand account from our education assistant. Please note that in 2017 we included a fish dinner and in 2019 we have switched to providing appetizers, so we can spend more time on the Missouri River.  You can eat a fish dinner at any restaurant, it's not every day that you can experience the river as the sun is setting. 

You can also check out our Photo Album to see what our Missouri River Sunset Excursion was like in the summer of 2018 or the Fall of 2019 and get a good look at the yummy appetizers that we served. 

What if I have a question? 

If you have questions about registration or are having trouble registering, please call Columbia Parks & Recreation at - (573) 874-7460 

If you have questions about the Missouri River Sunset Excursion, please email kristen@riverreleif.org or call at (573)-443-0292

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