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The River
Inspires Community. Connects Families. Heals People. Inspires Service. Builds Curiosity.

Missouri River Relief 2023 Annual Impact Report

“Clearly the trash that is removed from our waterways has a measurable positive impact – but it’s what they do to connect people to nature – especially kids – that is really incredible. Those benefits are incalculable”
-Leanne Mosby, University of Missouri Sustainability Manager
The River Welcomes Everyone
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The River Inspires Collaboration
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The River Captivates Curiosity
The River Spreads Joy
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The River Deepens our Connections
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The River Challenges Us to Serve & Grow
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Our Board of Directors
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Our Financials
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The River Welcomes Everyone

Being at the river is a transformative and healing experience. Watching the water from 1/6 of the continent flow by opens the mind to new possibilities and connections. We want everyone to experience this, and to learn to love this river. 

Deepening Our Commitment to Connecting People to the Missouri River

We believe that the river is inclusive to all beings and that diversity is fundamental to the ecological health of the Missouri River. Our work—connecting people to the Missouri River, themselves, each other, science and the natural world—must be relevant and accountable to the places and communities we serve.
Learn more about our Equity, Inclusion and Cultural Relevancy Action Plan ⇢
River cleanups
Education programs
Outreach programs
Paddle events
Big Muddy Speaker Series

A Letter from our Executive Director

It’s been 20 years since I first joined the Missouri River Relief volunteer Crew and started traveling to help with river cleanups. Back then, I was surprised to find a community of people that loved the Missouri River. When I would go out on the river, it was rare ever to see someone out on the river.

While there are still plenty of lonely days on the river, there are so many more people out enjoying it now. From bike rides on the Katy Trail to paddlers training for the Missouri American Water MR340 race to families fishing for a trophy catfish to artists creating plein air landscapes of the valley, the community of Missouri River lovers has really grown.

Missouri River Relief is an important part of that growth, providing experiences that unlock the mysteries of the Big Muddy for more and more people that depend on it. We’re proud of the role we play in connecting people to this lifeforce, but we’re always working on getting more people out there. Everyone belongs at the river!

In 2023, thanks to the support of YOU, our community, we really took huge steps forward in growing to meet that need. In this annual report, you’ll see some new faces on our staff making amazing stuff happen on the river. And you'll see the results of more creative minds expanding our reach and the depth of our programs.

See you on the river! 
Steve Schnarr, Executive Director

Meet the Team

Click the "+" icons to learn more about each team member.
Steve Schnarr, Director
Lisa Cole, Development Director
Kristen Schulte, Education Director
Kevin Tosie, Operations Director
Melanie Cheney, former Office Manager
Christina Ruiz, former Race Director
Starkie Kreuder, AmeriCorps Education Assistant
Dave Combs, Fleet Manager
Katy Miller, Bookkeeper
Alyssa Marie Thomas, Stewardship Coordinator
Lara Cox, Education Coordinator
Trevor Harris, Grant Writer

2023 Was A Year of Big Growth for the Missouri River Relief Staff

We are proud of the talents, energy and passion of this great group of river lovers. In late 2022, we added Dave Combs as our Fleet Manager. He brings a lifetime of skills building and fixing things and a previous career as a fisheries biologist working on the Missouri River for USGS. Trevor Harris has brought diverse skills and a positive attitude to work as our Grant Manager. Lara Cox joined us as Education Coordinator, and it seems impossible to remember how we got by without her! Her spanish language skills and empathetic nature have helped us reach new audiences. Alyssa Marie Thomas has been an outstanding AmeriCorps assistant for two years, but joined our staff full time in 2023 as our Stewardship Coordinator. Her welcoming energy has boosted our whole staff. In November, we were joined by Taby Lane, a MR340 veteran who is now our Race Manager! She is a blast. 

This team has greatly expanded our reach and ability to make life-changing river experiences safer, richer and more impactful. 

The River Inspires Collaboration

Partnerships are the most powerful way we get things done. By leveraging our skills at crafting river experiences with the connections and passion of our partners, we’re reaching new audiences and building outstanding and life-changing river programs.
Spire employees cleaning up the river near Augusta, MO. Photo by Kevin Tosie.

Partner of the Year - Jerrell Morton, Job Point & YouthBuild

Each year we select a person or organization as our Partner of the Year. We’ve been working with Jerrell Morton at Job Point for nearly 10 years. He is the director of the YouthBuild in Missouri, a year-long AmeriCorps job training program giving new opportunity and skills to members in St. Joseph, Kansas City, Columbia and St. Louis. Each year we take the cohort on the river for a river cleanup, fishing, watercoloring and a hike.
Read More ⇢
Jerrell Morton, Director of YouthBuild at Job Point. Photo by Lara Cox.

Partnerships in Action

Scroll left or right to read each story!
  • Osage Nation students on a boat ride

    Osage Nation Summer Experience

    For a second year, we collaborated with the MU Center for Agroforestry to get a group of Osage Nation high school students out on the river that their ancestors lived on and cared for. They taught us as much as we shared with them.

    Read More ⇢
  • Journalism students interview Dave Combs

    Rivertime with Journalism Students

    Journalists explain how the world works to all of us. After a we did a boat ride with MU School of Journalism students, several of them came to our programs to record audio, which evolved into the “River Town” podcast with KBIA and The New Territory Magazine.

    Check out the Podcast ⇢
  • Post Film Discussion at RagTag Cinema

    RagTag Film Society builds community through film

    With the RagTag Cinema and True/False Film Festival at the heart of their programming, this impactful nonprofit is focused on building community through sharing film.  Their “Show Me Series” invites different Community Partner nonprofits to collaborate on film screenings showcasing diverse and overlooked perspectives. We screened two films with them, “The Cow Who Sang a Song Into the Future” and “End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock”. Both were followed by deep and thoughtful conversations with a panel of local environmental and cultural leaders.

    Read More ⇢
  • Reaching the unhoused with Together Omaha

    Together Omaha Street Outreach Specialist Kirsten Fleury led an effort to work with the unhoused community to remove 80 bags of trash from a riverbank camp at our Omaha/Council Bluffs Cleanup.

    Read More ⇢
  • Healing time on the river with Veterans Affairs

    In Glasgow, we piloted a new program with the Veterans Affairs Substance Abuse Program, spending a day on the river with a cohort of vets going through a six-week recovery program. Our activities included discussions on river history and ecology, exploration of a sandbar, and a collective effort to clean up a section of the river. Participants shared their reflections, expressing sentiments such as, "It feels peaceful. I'd rather be here than where I'm going," and "It was informative. The water is very calming." The participants were so grateful for the opportunity, with one person sharing, "I'm super thankful. It was a good combination of things." This initiative was made possible through funding from Veterans United Foundation.

    Learn More about the VU Foundation ⇢
  • Collecting River Trash Data with Mo. River Bird Observatory

    Our friends at the Missouri River Bird Observatory, a nonprofit based in Arrow Rock, MO, have been attending our river cleanups across the state, pulling samples of trash to catalogue the types and brands of plastic that we recover from the river floodplain. MRBO submits all of their data to “Break Free From Plastic”, which released their report on global plastic pollution this spring. It’s part of a worldwide effort to hold producers accountable for their impacts on our rivers and oceans.

    Learn More ⇢

Making a Middle School Dream Come True

We’ve been trying to pull off a river trip with our longtime friend and collaborator Janet Moreland and her students for many years.
Continue Reading
Janet recently retired as a teacher with Columbia Public School District but as her last hurrah, she worked with her colleagues to bring a bunch of West Middle School students out to Cooper’s Landing for a day of immersive learning on the river.

We’ve known Janet for 20 years. You may have heard of her “Love your Big Muddy” Expedition as the first solo woman to travel the whole Missouri/Mississippi River system Source to Sea. Then she went on to Source to Sea the Mississippi River and the Yukon! Now all of her students got a chance for their own river adventure - it was a pretty cold and breezy day! We are so proud of these young people braving the elements on their road to becoming the next generation of water protectors.

It takes a lot of collaboration and partnership to get dozens of students out of school, out into nature and learning at the river. From the teachers and their aides to school principals and administrators to the support of the parents and the many important partners, volunteers, educators and more. It takes a village!

Impacting the Next Generation of Natural Resource Leaders

We’ve had a partnership for many years with the Mo. Dept. of Natural Resources as part of their Leadership Institute, an 18 month program building leadership skills across the agency with tomorrow’s leadership.
Continue Reading
We spend a day on the river discussing river history, ecology and environmental impacts with a focus on the ways that DNR’s work protecting natural resources intersects with the Missouri River.

We could not hope to accomplish all the many varied river-based programs we do without the ongoing help of state agencies like DNR. We are so grateful for the support and volunteer involvement we get from the folks who spend their whole working lives monitoring and protecting the amazing natural world around us.

Evergy and Spire Taking their Commitment to the Next Level 

Cash support of our programs is an important way that businesses along the river strengthen our work. But several important sponsors of our work take it a step further
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We often build extra cleanup days into our larger cleanup programs, taking select groups of corporate employees onto the river to extend the impact of us setting up our cleanup infrastructure.

Last year, we leveraged big cleanups in Weldon Spring and Kansas City to add cleanups focused on areas not reached by our weekend events but in need of cleanup. Evergy and Spire are two energy companies that build volunteer service into their work cycles: Evergy has a “Green Team” that assists local nonprofits in service of the environment, while Spire builds “Days for Good” into their work schedule. These energized and hard-working crews made a huge impact in the trashy reach of river just downstream of the Blue River in Kansas City and a section of river near Augusta, MO, where we had never had a cleanup. We are so grateful to get the chance to facilitate stewardship days for employees of these businesses. The more soggy boots on the ground the better!

The River Captivates Curiosity

The river draws us in, sparks questions in our brains and encourages us to learn more. Our education programs deepen our connection to the river.

Clean Rivers Start at Home

Big changes start small and small changes tend to last. Our Clean Rivers Start at Home program provides info on the negative impacts of plastics in our homes and environment, and tips on reducing plastic use in your homes. Beginning in 2024, teachers and informal educators will be able to check out our travelling trunks with lesson plans and resources. We share the resources at every river cleanup and many community outreach opportunities and more info is available on our website all the time.
Keep Reading ⇢

Missouri River Days

Missouri River Days is a perennial favorite for the whole community. This unique education program, provided in collaboration with Columbia Public Schools Science Department, is a special treat for 4th-grade students who get to enjoy a much-needed outdoor break from the routine of classrooms that do have walls. Over the course of three days in either September or April, fourth graders from across Columbia headed to the Missouri River to think like scientists, create watercolor masterpieces, meet fisheries biologists, and get to know the flora and fauna of the river floodplain. Each student gets on the Missouri River in a boat, creating a lifetime memory they can take with them.
Keep Reading ⇢
Missouri River Explorer Badge

Missouri River Explorer Program

We don’t need no stinking badges- wait! Yes we do! What better way to inspire connection to the river than to offer a special badge to those intrepid explorers who go the extra mile to explore, learn about, and protect the Missouri River. Candidates of all ages can complete the steps required to earn their badge and proudly display their commitment to river stewardship. During lunch at each cleanup we host a booth with a traveling library of river books, supplies for watercolor paintings and more. We also hosted a special event in October to provide an opportunity to complete your activities and get the recognition you deserve. Want a badge of your own?
Keep Reading ⇢

Mornings at the River

Free exploration under the cottonwood shade by the river. Fanciful art projects. Walks through the forest. An imagination campground. Critter learning. Musical Fun…all designed for children age 0-5 and their families.

Research proves that time spent in nature improves children’s health, social-emotional well-being, and academic outcomes. “Mornings at the River” has grown each year as families discover this safe and creative nature time. A partnership with First Chance for Children

Keep Reading ⇢

The River Spreads Joy

Missouri River Relief loves to have fun. Whether we are cleaning up the river, teaching kids or racing downstream - everyone has a blast.

Top Trash Finds

During lunch after each cleanup, volunteers submit their trash treasure finds into a Trash Contest. It's always a blast. From a "song in a bottle" to a river mile-marker, here's some of the more interesting finds of the year. 
see our gallery ⇢
I have to admit, my dad doesn't really enjoy much.
He just works and works. Its SO hard to get him to do anything, but my goodness....I don't know if I've EVER seen him so happy. Truly! I don't say that lightly. He smiled the whole time and even went rock-hounding on California Island! So THANK YOU MRR, y'all are amazing and do SUCH great work.
-Candace Reed on the Big Muddy Boat Ride experience

Our Favorite Articles from 2023

Photo by RainbowMarks Photography

This Kansas City Couple Bonds Over Racing the MR340 Every Year

A really fun podcast with a veteran race team about their experiences in the Missouri American Water MR340. 
listen online ⇢

"Die, Honeysuckle!"

Our Missouri River Adventure Campers made the front page of the Columbia Tribune with this article and great photos of their work restoring the Flatbranch Creek valley. 
keep reading ⇢

200 Missouri River Relief Volunteers to Clean Up Trash by Boat

Such a great video about our Kansas City Missouri River Cleanup! 
watch the video ⇢
more "in the news"

The River Deepens our Connections

Volunteers make Missouri River Relief tick. By working together connecting people to the river we love, we also have created a rich and deep river community.

The Missouri River Relief Volunteer Crew

The heart and soul of Missouri River Relief is the MRR Crew. This batch of volunteers travels throughout the Missouri River valley for days at a time making our cleanup, education and recreation events possible. They become boat operators, art teachers, hiking guides, safety talk presenters, trash coordinators, river educators and so much more.
Find out more about joining our crew ⇢

Volunteer & Partner Spotlight: River Scientist Carrie Elliott

Missouri River Relief loves engaging different audiences with diverse programs to build new river connections. Some folks find one or two programs that they are really attracted to. For Carrie Elliott, whose day job includes working on the Missouri River, it seems there is no program we host that she doesn’t want to be involved in.
Continue Reading

Carrie is a geologist by training, and currently works at the U.S. Geological Survey - River Branch based in Columbia. One of her superpowers is revealing the invisible worlds of the bottom of the Missouri River. For many years, she’s been part of a multi-agency team of scientists trying to understand the life-cycle, habitat needs and hidden histories of the endangered pallid sturgeon. 

When she first moved to Columbia, her first time on the Big Muddy was at a Missouri River Relief cleanup at Hartsburg. “I'd been in town only a few weeks and knew just a couple of people in Columbia,” Carrie remembers.  “Getting a little muddy with a bunch of strangers was the perfect introduction to my new hometown.”

One of the first ways Carrie worked with us was organizing a team of USGS employees for our Missouri River Days program, teaching kids about the fish on the river and the tricks scientists use to understand them. Her approach to teaching fourth graders has evolved over the years. “Working with Kristen and Missouri River Days through the years has taught me to distill the complex knowledge I have about the river into digestible nuggets.  I used to worry about presenting detailed information with lots of charts and figures. Now my goal is to teach through a few simple questions and concepts. We talk about how deep the river is, if it flows as fast as a fourth grader can run,  why it is brown, and what the bottom of the river looks like.”

Pretty soon Education Director Kristen Schulte was consulting with Carrie to fact-check our place-based curriculum about the endangered pallid sturgeon. 

And the connections kept growing! Last year alone, Carrie did all of this -

  • Served on our Big Muddy Speaker Series Committee, brainstorming new river experts to present at the monthly presentations. 
  • Volunteered at the Old Plank & River Road Cleanup. 
  • Presented to our Big Muddy Speaker Series about the “Hydrology of the MR340” - AND the 1850’s steamboat her team discovered on the bottom of the river near Boonville. Check out her presentation here.
  • Raced in the MR340 and was one of our top racer fundraisers, even creating a beautiful woodcut bandanna print perk for her donors. 
  • Taught the DNR Leadership Institute about the habitat of the pallid sturgeon, and management constrictions on its recovery. 
  • Joined our crew to help at the Glasgow Missouri River Cleanup. 
  • Raced in the Race to the Dome
  • Led a team of USGS employees to teach at Missouri River Days in the Spring and Fall. 

That’s a LOT! Thank you so much Carrie! We’re so lucky to have you on the team. 

2023 Cornerstone Award - Board Member Kory Kaufman

Each year, Missouri River Relief gives awards to some of our amazing volunteers, partners and sponsors. This year we gave our highest honor, The Cornerstone Award, to our longtime volunteer and board member Kory Kaufman. Here's what we shared when we gave Kory his award: 
Continue Reading
Every organization has its unsung heroes: people doing the dirty work behind the scenes with the success and survival of the organization as their driving force. The Annual Cornerstone Award is our organization’s highest honor. It recognizes a veteran River Relief crew or board member that has dedicated many years of service to the organization’s well-being and mission. Their leadership and commitment to our mission has been essential to our success.

This person was at the first MRR Cleanup in Easley back in 2001. He convinced a bunch of high school students to come and help clean the river with him. It became an annual tradition.

At one point we realized we needed some river-loving teachers on our Board. This guy came to mind because he had been Melanie Cheney’s middle school teacher back in the day and we knew we kept seeing him at River Relief events. Before you knew it, he was helping us hire first one, then our second Education Director in just two years.
And he just dove in head-first. His first year on the board he hopped on the Executive Committee as Secretary. A year later he was Vice-President, then served two terms as President, helping River Relief transition from the Director Jeff “Boot” Barrow Era.

He became an indispensable part of our education team, helping on the education committee, working all week long at our first couple of New Haven Missouri River Academy summer camps, driving boats for education programs and becoming part of our stable of knowledgeable river boat educators.

You might say that he had the perfectly timed retirement, leaving a full career at Columbia Public Schools right before the pandemic struck. But then he heard the call… the district needed virtual teachers. So he threw his hat in the ring again to fill the gaps. Which is just the perfect example of the kind of person he is – when he sees a need, he’s going to do everything he can to fill it.

Two years ago he started coming to river cleanups as lead crew, and he’s been coming early to every cleanup since – if he’s not already traveling around the country. This last fall I had the opportunity to work with this great human on an educational boat trip with a group of veterans in a substance abuse recovery program. Neither of us had done a river trip quite like this before. With our amazing education team in the lead, it felt so comfortable working with him as a team, trading boat operations and cultivating a spirit of openness, discussion and sharing in the boat.

When Kory Kaufman is around, he brings his full self. He’s looking for what needs done and collaborating with others to make it happen. He’s the first to volunteer to make dinner if there’s no plan. He thinks about what special touch would make camp even cooler. Kory and his amazing life partner Robyn lift the spirits of anyone they are around. He’s the one who volunteers to ask a Coopers Landing neighbor to stop shooting guns during our morning toddler event. 

For True/False Film Fest, he is on the Special Ops Team. That is also a pretty good description of the role that Kory always finds himself in here at Missouri River Relief. If it takes people skills, river skills and the ability to solve problems while in the thick of things, Kory Kaufman is the one you want on your team.

Kory, we are grateful for the whole self you bring to this organization that you love. You are long overdue for the Cornerstone Award.

The River Challenges
Us to Serve & Grow

As we deepen our relationship to the river and to our community, we want our river community to be healthy and to thrive. Missouri River Relief provides a pathway for service all year long.

Cleaning Up the Missouri River

Scroll left or right to read each story!
  • April 15, 2023

    Kansas City Cleanup & Evergy Green Team Cleanup

    Kansas City is where a LOT of the river's trash comes from. We hit a different part of KC each year to stop the trash flow downstream. This year we hit the downtown area. We followed this up with an awesome cleanup with the Evergy Green Team cleaning up downstream. 
    Read More ⇢
    231 volunteers
    8.4 tons of trash removed
    52 tires
    ...and 1 soggy teddy bear
  • May 20, 2023

    Omaha & Council Bluffs Cleanup

    This metro area loves the river, and came out in force to clean it up. Several homeless camps pitched in and we got more dock Styrofoam from the 2011 flood. 
    Read More ⇢
    207 volunteers
    6.5 tons of trash removed
    61 huge Styrofoam dock chunks
    2 sets of Venetian blinds
  • September 15, 2023

    Weldon Spring Cleanup & Spire Cleanup

    It was a beautiful day with a fantastic group of volunteers cleaning up the river. We also had a cleanup with 29 Spire Energy employees cleaning up a section of river we had never hit before. 
    Read More ⇢
    201 volunteers
    5 tons of trash removed
    46 tires
    a pool slide
  • October 21, 2023

    Glasgow Cleanup

    Glasgow is a really special river town, perched on a bluff over the sharpest bend in the river. We enjoyed a beautiful fall day of effective river cleanup. 
    Read More ⇢
    123 volunteers
    2.3 tons of trash removed
    6 cubic yards of expandable barge floatation foam
    1 message in a bottle

Adventure Campers Fight Invasive Species in Our Watershed

Our Missouri River Adventure Camp students joined with the stewardship experts at Missouri Conservation Corps to remove a whole bunch of invasive honeysuckle from the forest along the MKT Trail next to Flatbranch Creek, a Missouri River tributary in Columbia.. They even made it on the cover of the Columbia Tribune with the headline “Die Honeysuckle!”. In the fall, a bunch of Adventure Campers brought their families to finish the section again with MCC. Perfect example of teamwork making the dream work.
See more photos ⇢
Race start photo by RainbowMarks Photography.

MR340 Race Community Springs to Action

After an epic race start for the Missouri American Water MR340, river conditions began to deteriorate over the first two days of the race. Flooding tributaries, nasty headwinds, crazy driftwood and a massive storm forecast combined to bring an early end to the race for the first time in 18 years. Within a few hours notice of the race end, racers, ground crews, volunteers and community members sprung into action, getting all racers safely off the river before sunset. Locals were showing up with flatbed trailers offering to haul racers back home. It was a powerful example of community in action.

We still held our Finish Line Awards Party at the Lewis & Clark Boathouse & Museum on Friday and the energy was amazing.. Racers could get their photo with the Finish Line holding up the number of rivermiles they completed before the race was called and people drew pictures of their crazy race experiences..

Check out photos, links and results from the race ⇢

An Email Alert Turns into a Massive Tire Cleanup

MR340 paddler Charles Eisenmann was training for the Missouri American Water MR340 and stopped for lunch on a sandbar across the river from Fort Osage State Historic Site in Sibley, MO. And was blown away by how many tires he saw embedded in the island. He emailed us about it, so some staff stopped by on their way to KC to check it out. After filling a couple of boats with 80 tires, they realized we needed to come back for more. In December, for our Fleet Manager Dave Combs birthday, we camped out for a weekend and hauled 289 more tires from the island. Charles even joined us to haul tires too! 
View the Album on flickr ⇢

Our Board of Directors

Guiding our river work from behind-the-scenes, our talented and passionate Board of Directors is one of our superpowers. 
Scroll left or right to meet each board member!

    Drew Lemberger

    Owner; Mt. Nebo Inn, Rocheport Winery & Missouri Boatworks; retired VP Les Bourgeois Vineyards
  • Vice president

    Cathy Gunther

    Retired Biology Instructor - University of Missouri
  • Treasurer

    Michael Wirtz

    Controller - Van Trust Real Estate
  • Secretary

    Diana Papoulias, PhD

    Retired Fisheries Biologist - US Geological Survey; Ascension Mission Leader of Exxpedition
  • Mike Crist

    Owner & Operator of Dry Holler Foods
  • Bill Fessler

    Resource Management & Conservation Corps Supervisor with Kansas City Parks and Recreation
  • Kory Kaufman

    Retired Science Teacher - Rock Bridge High School, Columbia Public Schools
  • Tom Lemley

    Attorney - Bridgepoint Law Firm, LLC
  • Emily Tracy-Smith

    Stream Program Supervisor, Mo. Dept. of Conservation; Board member of Stream Teams United and Conservation Federation of Missouri
  • Jen Bradford

    Siemens Digital Industries Software, Global Business Strategy Manager
  • Barney Combs

    Retired Facilities Supervisor at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. Amateur Historian and Historic Interpreter
  • Jill Westra

    Senior Manager, Sustainability - The Boston Beer Company
join our board

The River Needs
Your Generosity

Our work would be impossible without the generous and dedicated support of our sponsors and donors. We are deeply grateful. THANK YOU!!!!

A Big Muddy Thank You to Missouri American Water for being Our 2023 Sponsor of the Year

Missouri American Water has supported Missouri River Relief and been the title sponsor for the MR340 Race for over a decade. As a water company that supplies drinking water for millions of Missourians from the Missouri River, they understand more than anyone the importance of the health of the Missouri River. From supporting our mission with cash donations to transforming the MR340 Finish Line into a welcoming place to end a 340-mile adventure, they are crucial partners in our work.

2023 Sponsor of the Year

Our 2023 Sponsors

We are extremely grateful to everyone that puts their hard-earned cash towards supporting the mission of Missouri River Relief. Below are the businesses, organizations, foundations, individuals and families that make the magic happen. 

The following donors gave cash or in-kind contributions in 2023. 

** Those individuals and families that have automatically recurring monthly donations are in bold **


John P. & Maida S. Hulston Family Fund
Earth 2Zoo Tv
Rio Vista Foundation of St. Louis
William G. Little


Earth 2AvenTrevaZoo Tv
Buckner Foundation
AvenVelocity 9


Velocity 9AvenTrevaEarth 2Muzica 2Muzica 2Zoo Tv
Tom Smith
  • Barney & Eileen Combs **
  • Boone Electric Community Trust
  • Bryan and Linda Johnson
  • Conservation Foundation of Missouri Charitable Trust
  • Dance for Your Rights
  • Dave and Fran Stous **
  • Downtown Optimist Club
  • Florence Heiman Charitable Trust
  • Garmin
  • GovWatch, LLC
  • Hitachi Energy
  • Michael & Elizabeth Basler
  • Midwest Paddle Adventures
  • Missouri Birding Society
  • Pixel Jam Digital LLC
  • Shakespeare's Pizza
  • St. James Winery
  • Steve Schnarr & Melanie Cheney
  • Still 630
  • Target
  • Tim Sanders, Sara Jacquet and Reya
  • TS Paddles
  • Tom and Nikki Lemley
  • Van Trust Real Estate
  • Yagan Family Fund
  • Affton Christian Church
  • AgriServices of Brunswick
  • Alpine Shop - Columbia
  • Andrew Kinslow
  • Anonymous Donations
  • Aron Copeland
  • Auben Galloway
  • Barbara and Jeff Moran
  • Bernie Arnold
  • Boeing
  • Brett Dufur
  • Bridget McCandless
  • Bruce Templer
  • Cameron Hall
  • Carol Grove
  • Cathy Gunther **
  • Cathy Summers
  • Christopher Kennedy
  • Columbia Independent School
  • Cooper's Landing Resort & Marina
  • Dave and Leanne Mosby
  • Dave Berni
  • Dave Miller
  • Desires Acquired Health & Wellness Coaches
  • Diana Papoulias and David Galat **
  • Doris Guillory **
  • Elke Boyd
  • Eric Turcotte
  • Ester Gubbrud
  • Fast Yowi
  • Francis and Case Baum
  • Frank Dvorak
  • Fraternal Order of the Eagles - 3934 Auxiliary - Springfield
  • Fusion Medical Staffing
  • George & Marjorie Sable-Smith
  • Gerry Routh & Harry Boul
  • GFL Environmental
  • Great Rivers Greenway
  • Helmka Construction and Remodeling
  • HyVee - Council Bluffs
  • Jan Schnarr
  • Jan Weaver and Jim Carrel
  • Jeff Hemme
  • Jen Bradford **
  • Jessica Hartley
  • Jody Carroll **
  • John Madras
  • John Redick
  • Jordan Lane, Hannah Renee and Theodore
  • Judith Tharpe
  • Julie Busch
  • Kay Cafer
  • Kory and Robyn Kaufman
  • Lara Landrum
  • Laura Kaiser
  • Laura Sweets
  • Lisa Cole **
  • Llama Racks, LLC
  • Logboat Brewing Co.
  • McPheeters & Rickard Family Fund
  • Michael Wirtz
  • Miss Augusta
  • Missouri Coalition for the Environment
  • Mount Nebo Inn
  • Nancy Grant
  • Pat Jansen
  • PATH Water
  • Patrick Wellner **
  • Richard & Denise Mendenhall
  • Robb and Anne Jacobson **
  • Robbie Price
  • Robert & Carol Beilfuss
  • Robert Elliott
  • Ron Leone**
  • Ryan Pescaglia
  • Sandy Kapka
  • Scheppers Distributing
  • Scott & Rachel Mestrezat
  • Scott, Kate, Hope, Sam and Nate Mansker
  • Steve and Tricia Schreiber
  • Steven Grossman
  • Stream Teams United
  • Susan Flader
  • Tom and Donna Bell
  • Tom Field
  • Tom Smith Charitable Gift Fund
  • Walmart - Council Bluffs
  • Washington Lions Club
  • Aaron Dickey
  • Adrian Mullins
  • Andy Besselman **
  • Anne and Gary Miller
  • Arin Liberman
  • Bill Fessler
  • Boston Beer Company
  • Brian Cooper
  • Brooke Vaughn
  • Carpenters Local 1127
  • Chip & Debi Bruce
  • Debbie Hanan
  • Donna and Michael Nill
  • Douglas Caulfield
  • Eric Hodes
  • Erickson Save the Earth Charitable Giving
  • Flat Branch Pub & Brewing
  • Gary Leabman and Marsha Nyberg
  • Jane Lago
  • Jeff Larsen
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Nearly Half of Our Funding Comes from the Generosity of Individuals Like YOU! 

Did you know that we have many tax-smart options to support Missouri River Relief's mission?
Gifts from your IRA, Donor-Advised Fund and stock or crypto portfolios make a huge impact for MRR and your finances.

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“I give to Missouri River Relief with a recurring donation for the same reason that I make automatic contributions to my 401k and savings accounts. As with my own personal financial wellbeing, my contributions to MRR are an investment in something that is deeply important to me, but isn't always top of mind in the daily hustle. By making an automatic recurring donation, I'm able to prioritize my commitment to MRR without having yet another item on my to-do list.”
– MRR Board Member and Donor – Jen Bradford

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More and more of our dedicated donors are finding it super easy to set up monthly recurring donations. It's like a headwater spring that floats our boats all year long. It's super easy to do on our Donate page. 

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2023 Financial Report

It takes cash to turn these props. Missouri River Relief supporters made the magic happen for another successful and innovative year on the river. 

Missouri River Relief Revenue & Expense Breakdown

January - December 2023
  • Individual Contributions (44%)
  • Corporate Revenue (17%)
  • Nonprofit Revenue (4%)
  • Foundation Revenue (18%)
  • Government Revenue (7%)
  • Program Related Revenue (10%)
Total Revenue
  • Administrative (9%)
  • Fundraising (15%)
  • Programs (76%)
Total Expenses
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