Our Mission

Missouri River Relief’s mission is to engage individuals and communities along the Missouri River in the exploration, enjoyment, restoration and care of the river through hands-on river cleanups, education programs and recreation.


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What We Do

Missouri River Education

Discover the Missouri River through experiential, place-based educational programs that connect students and teachers to the Missouri River.  We're getting kids off screens and outside!
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River Cleanups

Our community-based volunteer river cleanups offer a unique and safe opportunity to get up close and personal with the Missouri River while giving back  to this magnificent resource.
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Special Events

Art auctions, river excursions, film festivals and more. At Missouri River Relief we are always up to something. These events help fuel our mission of connecting communities to the Missouri River throughout the year.

Who We Are

Missouri Stream Team

Missouri River Relief is proud to be Missouri Stream Team #1875

Missouri River Relief is a community, volunteer and equipment-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to connecting people to the Missouri River through hands-on river cleanups, education events and stewardship activities.


Letter from the Director

Dear River Friends –

For 19 years, Missouri River Relief has been working on the Missouri River with the mission of connecting communities to this most important resource. During that time, we’ve built a large community of river lovers. YOU are part of this community, and we’re so grateful to have you along.
2020 has been a year of navigating shifting currents and uncertain channels. In times like this, our community becomes a lifeline. YOU have been that lifeline for us this year. Your thoughts, ideas, creative volunteering and financial support have fed our souls and helped us become the most resilient version of ourselves. You have told us that our mission is just as important now as it ever has been. THANK YOU.

It’s because of the generosity of folks like you that we are able to make change happen on the river and in the hearts of people that depend on it.

Finding New Paths Midstream
Our staff is amazing! Can I just say that? Our staff, volunteers and partners didn’t miss a paddle stroke when 2020 started throwing obstacles our way. They reshaped our programs for this pandemic world and found innovative ways to remain relevant and impactful to our river and communities. Check out our highlights on the next page to see some of those.

One of the challenges many of us faced this year was a feeling of isolation. Our Education Director Kristen Schulte saw an opportunity to create new connections between people and the watersheds we live in. We are all connected by water! With AmeriCorps members Laura Semken and Anna Miller, they created “Watershed Expeditions at Home”, providing activities for students and families to enjoy the outdoors from their homes to develop that sense of place. Weekly Zoom chats with other students and virtual field trips help them make connections and new friendships.

“I want to give a huge shout out to Mo. River Relief ’s Zoom camp this month. Brooklyn got a huge box of supplies in the mail with three lessons for us to do each week for four weeks. She loved these Zooms because they took them on virtual field trips and played games. Her final week was to do a river project. I took her to Cooper’s Landing where she photographed all the trash laying washed up on the river banks. We had some great conversations on how that affects the animals and their habitat.” - Parent and CPS Teacher Rachel Kinney.

The story of 2020 was one of uncertainty and constant attention to the shifting currents. We are grateful to all of you that rode the ebb & flow of the river with us this year.

Thank you for your continued support.

See You on the River in 2021!

Steve Schnarr
Director, Missouri River Relief

Land Acknowledgement

As an organization, Missouri River Relief acknowledges the land we gather on today is the ancestral and sacred land of the Missouria and Osage People, who stewarded this land for generations. We acknowledge the painful history of genocide and forced removal from this territory, and we recognize that these lands are a part of the Missouria and Osage People; they continue to carry the stories of both nations and their struggle for survival and identity.


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