Mornings at the River Sign-up Form (Now CLOSED)

Parents and caregivers are the key to establishing a child’s early love of nature. Designed for 0 to 5-year-olds, our Mornings at the River series creates opportunities for little ones and their parents, grandparents, or caregivers to spend one-on-one time exploring, discovering, and making memories together at the Missouri River.

Our registration is FULL, so we ask that you check back in next year for your next Mornings at the River experience!

2024 Mornings at the River Sign-up Form

Mornings at the River Schedule

The month's events will take place at Cooper's Landing Riverside Resort & Marina and is focused on getting kids excited to be outdoors and playing in nature.  Events include an activity or craft, a fun special guest and story time. (And, of course, a snack!) 

We ask that you sign up for ONE session in order to provide as many families as possible to chance to attend Mornings at the River. Please DO NOT select CLOSED dates.

Number & Age(s) of Children

Please let us know the number of people attending and age range of children so we can be prepared with an appropriate amount of supplies for each activity.

Child Accommodations

We work to ensure that every child has the opportunity to have a safe, fun, and enriching experience. Please let us know if your child needs additional accommodations or arrangements (i.e., mobility, visual, hearing impairments, English Language Learner). We'd love to help facilitate the best experience possible for your little ones!

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