Kansas City Teacher Workshop 2022

Integrating Water Quality Education into Your Classroom

Teacher workshops are some of our favorite programs to put on because when we connect one teacher to the Missouri River, we are also connecting hundreds of students to the history, ecology and stewardship of this special place. 

This year we had another amazing time in Kansas City with 7th and 8th grade teachers from Shawnee Mission School District. The teachers arrived at Riverfront Park at 9 am on September 8th, 2022.

They were presented with a safety talk and life jackets then went aboard the Lucia. They meandered along the Missouri river, stopping to talk about the local history and discussing ecosystems and environmental impacts from the city nearby.

"Today was great! The instructor was well informed about the history and ecology of the river, and I'm excited to share my experience today with my students" - Attendee

The half way point was located at Kaw Point where everyone was served Chicken n’ Pickle for lunch. They enjoyed some sandwiches and talked with one another about their mornings.

Afterward, it was back to the river once more where they learned how increased amounts of pollution in the river can effect areas thousands of miles down stream. The Lucia then motored back to the River Front Park where the workshop concluded.

When the teachers departed, they left with a sense of familiarity with the river, and an understanding in how to connect their local watershed with their classroom curriculum. Much of the workshop allows for participants to find ways in which water quality can be talked about in their own classrooms.

Do you know of an educator interested in learning about the Missouri River?

Through our educator resources and workshops, we hope that educators find opportunities to design powerful learning experiences that connect to students’ lives and communities to the Missouri River.

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A Big Muddy Thank You to Our Partners

Thank you to our partners at AmeriCorps and Shawnee Mission School District for making this teacher workshop possible.

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