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River Relief


River Relief Magazine Articles

June 24, 2020 - Missouri Life Magazine - "Picking Up A River" - by Jessica Rendell

May 23, 2016 - Missouri Conservationist - "River Warriors" by Brett Dufur, photo spread by David Stonner.  Click here»

April 28, 2016 - Vox Maganzie - "The Dirty Issue:  The clean, the dirty and the just plain gross of Columbia" - scroll down to the bottom to see "Floating Away:  The life of a plastic bottle as it travels down the river".  Click here»

February 2015 - Missouri Conservationist - "I Am Conservation" - This ongoing back cover series featured Missouri River Relief staff Melanie Cheney and Steve Schnarr. Click here to read article» Click here to view back cover»

Sept 2013 - Vox Magazine - "Flooding affects efforts of Missouri River Relief" Click here»

April 2011 - Vox Magazine - "On the Job: River Conservationist" - an interview with MRR Director Jeff Barrow by Samantha Sonderen. Click here»

August 2010 - Inside Columbia - "Missouri River Relief - How Can I Help?" by Anita Neal Harrison. A great overview of our work. Click Here»

July 2010 - Missouri Wildlife - "Missouri River Relief:  800 Miles Cleaned Since 1991" by Jeff Barrow, Director of Missouri River Relief. Click Here»

May 2010 - Missouri Conservationist - "I Am Conservation" by Jim Low, MO Dept. of Conservation. A nice piece about Missouri River Relief, Stream Team 1875. Click Here»

March 2009 - Channels - The award winning Missouri Stream Team magazine featured us on the front cover. Click Here»

April 2008 - Rural Missouri Magazine - "River Relief - Removing Refuse Helps One Group Reconnect Citizens with Missouri's Rivers" by Jason Jenkins. About our 2008 Mari-Osa Dump Clean-up on the Osage River. Click Here» is created and maintained by Missouri River Relief, P.O. Box 463, Columbia, MO 65205
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