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River Relief

Student Interview Requests


Thank you for your interest in doing a research project on Missouri River Relief. We are happy to help you gather the information and interviews you need for school reports, research papers, and student journalism projects. Please read and follow our student information request protocol below, so we are able to help you access the content you need in a timely manner!

1. Please read through our website and the ABOUT page first! Basic information about our organization, programs, and frequently asked questions can be found here.

2. Before contacting us about your story via e-mail, phone or in-person please submit the “Student Research Requests" Form found at the bottom of this page.

3. A staff member will contact you within two to four business days of your request.*

4. After discussing your project with you further, the staff member will gather answers to your question and try to provide them to you by phone or e-mail within two additional business days*.

5. If your article will be published, Missouri River Relief reserves the right to request a copy of your article prior to publication in order to ensure the accuracy of any quoted/attributed information.

6. Missouri River Relief reserves the right to decline student requests at the discretion of our staff.

*Please note, we try to turn around all student research requests within one or two business days. However, since our staff can get very busy, it may take as many as four business days to provide you with the information you need, so please plan accordingly. Your request is important to us and we understand students may have extenuating circumstances. When possible we will work with you to meet your deadlines. is created and maintained by Missouri River Relief, P.O. Box 463, Columbia, MO 65205
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